Sukkahs and Commandos

Earlier this week,  I was having a barbecue with my fraternity, eating good, cheap food and good friends. I felt like it was a home away from home, and I loved the experience, just feeling comfortable and relaxed. I was commingling with the new recruits when our local rabbi from chabad swung by to give a mini sermon. Now being as I am, I tend to hate overly religious people and the philosophy that they need to preach about. That also comes into play concerning my own religion, Judaism. I’ve never been able to really get into my religion, I’m just not religious.

As the rabbi started talking I sort of zoned out at first. I blanked out and started thinking about other things until he started talking about a particularly interesting story of a group of Israeli commandos and a sukkah on the back of a truck.

The story started out with a group of Israeli Commandos out in a military vehicle patrolling a stretch of desert that was off limit to civilians and the only other people besides military personnel were members of the local temples. During the jewish holiday of Sukkot, there were volunteers who would drive out into that stretch of desert with a full sukkah on the back of a truck. The sukkah truck pulled up near the commandos truck and invited the commandos to feast and relax inside the sukkah. The short version is that the commandos went and a little while later while the commandos were still in the sukkah, the soldiers car exploded. It was a miracle.

As I listened to this story, I thought to myself, just how those soldiers had been able to escape harm. What exactly had happened to allow those soldiers to live? Is there some sort of larger entity watching over us? These and other thoughts raced through my head as I sat on the stoop listening. In the end, My way of thinking started to change; I had always had a nagging feeling that something was looking out for us. Perhaps there actually is.


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