Creative Challenges Part 1

One of the major parts of my major is that I have to be sufficient at programming. As it is I want to do more than that, I want to do a lot more. I want to learn javascript and hammer and lotus and c++.

I want to increase my skill in regards to the multitude of different programs such as Photoshop as well as my artistic skills.

I need to make a video game that uses my idea of an “in the mind” type of game. It uses the ability to manipulate the surroundings and create things out of thin air using brain power. I also need a storyline to go along with the actual game.

I need to come up with a name for a potential game creation company. Something creative that uses a play on words and yet shows off what I actually would strive to achieve.

I want to create a story about some sort of corruption that takes a page from asian mythology mixed with greek mythology.

I want to make a new character for the superhero universe, sort of like a badass soldier. I’ve been thinking about this guy for a long time and I want to try to bring him to life by creating sketched and modeling him

I want to come up with a headphone set that doubles as a virtual simulator which can connect with others wearing the same headset, which allows for interactions between many different people who might be very far away.

I want to make an app that allows you to scan any item you want and shows you where to find more, the pricing and other things.

A pen that can change the color of the ink to anything you choose and also change the thickness of the tip.

I want to make an app that allows you to transfer any data that may be on a disk or drive via a scanner


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