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100 Thumbnails Part 10


Amazon Flying Above the Forest

There has been a new development from the multinational corporation Amazon.  They are trying to create a system by which they utilize “drones” (a little too military for my tastes) for quick deliveries of small packages.  While I like the idea, it comes with many limitations as the article below describes.  Also there is the fact that these drones will be in the sky where airplane rules apply.  There is also the scary idea of the monopoly on this technology by one company.  It should be freely usable by any company that wishes to use it.  Then again, maybe we don’t need it at all.

The link is below:

Happy Thanksgivukkah

As many people know, last week we had the singular event of Thanksgivukkah, an amalgamation of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving.  When I say singular, I mean singular too.  We will never again, in our lifetime experience this again seeing as the Jewish calendar works more quickly than the regular calendar.  In fact I believe it won’t happen for another 44,000 years (don’t quote me on that it might be longer).  But it got me thinking that since it is so singular, we should cherish the moment as much as possible.  It is special, enjoy it, and yes I know it has already happened.  If you didn’t get your fill of the festivities then that’s your bad.

Happy Belated Thanksgivukkah!


No Need, Ever

There is absolutely no point to this machine at all.  All it does is reset the knobs to position “x” the moment they are placed into a different position.  It’s not even that hard to setup seeing as how it literally just acts as an automatic switch.  Yet it gets me thinking, if people do this in their spare time just for the hell of it, what will we do in the future in our spare time?  Will we be creating robots in our spare time?  Or perhaps creating medicines?  Who knows, I don’t.

I Hear Colors…What?

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a cyborg, parts of my body replaced with fiber-optics and metal.  Would I be strong enough to punch through brick?  Or run at incredible speeds?  I always imagined the superhuman feats that could be performed using machines infused in the body.  What I never thought about was how it could affect the smallest things that I take for granted each day.  This particular individual was born with color blindness, everything seen in a shade of black and white.  That was until he got an implant attached to the top of his head that connected to the small bones of his ears.  It was a color capture device that sent certain notes in the form of vibrations to his ears in order to let him “hear” colors.  Amazing!

The Road Less, well, Unable to be Traveled

I found an article that spoke about certain places that people just can’t travel to, and it got me thinking, there are still places, untainted by modern society.  They included North Korea (for obvious reasons), the Vatican Secret Archives (supposedly seen in Angels and Demons), Area 51 (meh), North Sentinel Island, and Surtsey Island.  While most of these places aren’t pristine, the last two were much more so.  They intrigue me because, people aren’t allowed to mess with them and have been untouched by recent culture.  Places that are still beautifully formed by nature.  Not many places like that remain, and I think that this is a problem.