Motion Capture Drama

This caught my eye because I had previously played the game and thought it to be very emotionally jarring.  I had played through all the modes and finished the game and seen what happens if you get caught while getting away from the Fireflies.  I had thought they were talking about the latter when I saw this, but when I actually watched this, it was something completely different and satisfying.  This just goes to show that these actors are extremely talented and can improvise right on the spot.


Money of a Stupid Type

I recently read a live account of a person trying to purchase a burrito using a $2 bill.  There was an entire conundrum that followed that led to mall security being called.  It turned out that the manager thought that the $2 bill was fake just because of the fact that he didn’t think that they existed.  It got me thinking about how uneducated some people can be.  I’m not trying to come off as some educated asshole who thinks hes above someone else but at the same time, come on, who doesn’t know that $2 bills are real but have been pulled out of press?  Seriously.

Here’s the full account:


The Cover that is Judged

Usually when someone sees another person, they create an image of who that person is right off the bat.  That is why people say “first impressions count” so often.  Not only that but from then on, it is difficult to try and see that person outside that box that you have put them in.  Yet often times, a person is not revealed until you spend time with them and get to know them well.  That’s why I hate stereotypes so much, they add nothing to a person and create inaccurate assumptions based on hearsay.

All Around the World



I found this picture on a website that spouted “The 24 Most Amazing Pools You Need to Jump in Once in your Life” and this one in particular caught my attention.  I was born and grew up near mountains so I have always found them to be serene and calming and this picture just spoke to me.  It just feels like a place I would like to visit, somewhere all my worries can just wash away.  This is at the Cambrian Hotel in Switzerland.

Color in Our Lives

Color is all around us, wherever we look, unless of course you are colorblind, sucks for you guys.  Anyway, in the sky, the grass, the ocean, the animals and plants around us, Everything!  They are more than just aesthetics though, they also have a psychological impact on humans and how we perceive them.  Yellow is seen as being cheerful, red is love, blue is calm and peace and so on.  We look for beauty in our surroundings and strive for the best mix of colors possible.  We buy things based on the same aesthetic, often buying things that have both aesthetic and functionality.  So then, what would happen if you could have your whole life in different shades of a color of your choosing, what would you choose?

Musical Meaning

I was listening to some of Eminem’s new album and I have loved every single song on it.  The blend of words are melodic as well as realistic.  He takes most if not all of his lyrics from real life which I always love because it sets the mood for the artists songs.  Yet the songs are not given five stars just because of the fact that he uses some questionable language in his songs.  It makes me wonder just where the music industry thinks it will be going in the future.  It almost seems as though the studios think they can route the music industry into a certain direction by themselves.  But at the end of the day it’s going to come down to the artists, and the artists only.