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I Hear Colors…What?


I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a cyborg, parts of my body replaced with fiber-optics and metal.  Would I be strong enough to punch through brick?  Or run at incredible speeds?  I always imagined the superhuman feats that could be performed using machines infused in the body.  What I never thought about was how it could affect the smallest things that I take for granted each day.  This particular individual was born with color blindness, everything seen in a shade of black and white.  That was until he got an implant attached to the top of his head that connected to the small bones of his ears.  It was a color capture device that sent certain notes in the form of vibrations to his ears in order to let him “hear” colors.  Amazing!


Color in Our Lives

Color is all around us, wherever we look, unless of course you are colorblind, sucks for you guys.  Anyway, in the sky, the grass, the ocean, the animals and plants around us, Everything!  They are more than just aesthetics though, they also have a psychological impact on humans and how we perceive them.  Yellow is seen as being cheerful, red is love, blue is calm and peace and so on.  We look for beauty in our surroundings and strive for the best mix of colors possible.  We buy things based on the same aesthetic, often buying things that have both aesthetic and functionality.  So then, what would happen if you could have your whole life in different shades of a color of your choosing, what would you choose?