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The Road Less, well, Unable to be Traveled

I found an article that spoke about certain places that people just can’t travel to, and it got me thinking, there are still places, untainted by modern society.  They included North Korea (for obvious reasons), the Vatican Secret Archives (supposedly seen in Angels and Demons), Area 51 (meh), North Sentinel Island, and Surtsey Island.  While most of these places aren’t pristine, the last two were much more so.  They intrigue me because, people aren’t allowed to mess with them and have been untouched by recent culture.  Places that are still beautifully formed by nature.  Not many places like that remain, and I think that this is a problem.


Pale Reflections

I’ve always been someone more appreciative of nature than others.  During the winter months back in Vermont, I would look up at the sky and feel a sense of calm.  Last night I looked up at the sky and watched the stars as they wheeled in the sky.  It reminded of Vermont in winter, the sky crisp and clear.  

It is during these moments that I gain a sense of clarity, the world quiet and calm and nothing to bother me.  I’ll admit that it wasn’t quite the same.  There’s just something about a city that gets you riled up.  Some feeling that makes you giddy with the hustle and bustle.  

I love both of these extremes, living in a quiet place and visiting relatives in the vastness of NYC.  It creates a good balance between the two, being street savvy while still being able to appreciate the harshness and beauty of nature.